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Rajshri Rai is well-known media personality who has anchored and produced national programs for major TV networks. Since the start of her career in Rajshri  has covered a variety of news events and hosted a series of shows, often reporting live from the news scene. She has reported extensively on a wide range of key political, economic, and social stories from the Indian subcontinent for leading news organization like NDTV. Rajshri is the key person behind the APN NEWS‘s vision “Khabar hai too dikhegi”. She has played a major role in executing the design and construction of APN News channel and now its known to be a leading hindi news channel in India. She laid the foundation for the organization’s ventures in print media too, India Legal, Views on News and Akbari.

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Head of  the editorial operations of India Legal. Mr. Badhwar worked for more than two decades in the United States, where his work was published in leading magazines and newspapers such as the Washington Post. He was also associated with ABC TV. In India, he headed the India Today editorial team for more than 10 years, beside being an Executive Producer of TV Today and anchor to the popular weekly news magazine show Newstrack. He was also head of Sahara TV network and in the year 2000 he became the editor-in-chief of Media Transasia, which published niche publications like Swagat and Discover India. His 2004 novel, The Chamber of Perfumes (originally titled Sniffing Papa) won France’s most prestigious international award as the ‘best foreign debut novel’, an honor that went earlier to Salman Rushdie for Shame. Till recently, he headed Gfiles, India’s leading magazine devoted to issues of governance and bureaucracy.

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Law graduate Vinay Rai has been in the electronic media for over 16 years executing a host of jobs that include reporting and production. He has worked for leading media houses like Zee among many others. He was the editor of Akbari, an Urdu publication. As director at E.N. Communications, he heads the television operations at APN. A creative thinker, problem solver and decision maker who effectively balances the needs of the employees with the mission. Vinay earned an additional professional qualification in journalism and mass communications from Lucknow University.

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With nearly 30 years of experience in leadership as well as operational positions in all forms of media – from print to internet to electronic ( radio & TV), in some of the best known and respected Indian as well as international organizations, Sanjeev can quite safely be described as one of the most respected and well known media professional in the country. As a former India Editor of the BBC Hindi radio & India Correspondent of the BBC’s English outlets, he has had the rare distinction to rub shoulders both with the masses and the classes not just in India but across the world he was the first Indian to be appointed on the post which was earlier held by Sir Mark Tully. He has also been contracted by ALL LEADING news channels as a guest commentator and political analyst.

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Manish Raj a passionate Digital & Broadcast Journalist, Writer & Poet. He is the Head of Digital Operations  at APN NEWS. He started his professional career as a book reviewer and then embarked upon a career as a freelance journalist, writing for a number of newspapers and magazines. He has reported extensively on a wide range of key political, economic, and social stories for leading news organization. Over the period of two decades, he has experienced in all forms of media. He has deeply been involved with environmental activities. In 2008, he associated with UttarPradesh, Uttarakhnad Government to study Conventional Water Harvesting methods in Hilly areas. He travelled extensively in Lesser Himalayan Range, Kumaun Himalayan range & Shivalik range to study the philosophy of water conservation.